Prevention of Musculoskeletal Injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries (MSD's) work and non-work related are a common cause of lost time from work. The associated costs to employers and state, is estimated as €750 million per year.  "Musculoskeletal injuries" extend to muscles, ligaments, tendons, back and joint pains.  In the interest of injury prevention, allow aohealth to train and educate your workforce in risk avoidance, safe work practices and proactive health care management. Early occupational health intervention with referral to the appropriate medical supports, ensures effectiveness in the management of work related MSD’s.   We aim to prevent injury and mitigate potential claims associated with work related MSD’s

aohealth provides:

  •     Advice in relation to the management of work related MSD’s
  •     Education and Training workshops for prevention of MSD’s
  •     Post injury/Return to Work recommendations
  •     Health promotion
  •     Manual handling, ergonomic and VDU and pregnancy risk assessment


MSD's are a reality in the workforce. An informed safety conscious work force, reduces the potential for work related injury. Allow us to support you in the management of MSD’s. Success will provide return of investment for your organisation ……